CXL-Events.Com was created to fill the need of reducing costs of cancellations.

Most contracts are binding the minute one signs it. And when does one needs to cancel (in general) 4 weeks out… That’s also the cut off day for 100% no refund.

As a service to you and your customer, you can now reduce costs by actually sell the contract. It is our belief that it will secure the relation for many of us.

How it works?

Cancellations leave huge dents in budgets and (will) hurt your relations with contractors and third parties. Regardless the reason of cancelling.

Now, via CXL-Events.Com, you can trade the contract and make your losses smaller.
Because when cancelling you can ask the supplier for a voucher, then place the voucher for sale here and sell it. There is not much difference between trading via CXL-Events.Com and, Amazon.Com, StubHub or alike.

Who benefits and who holds the risk?

The Supplier would only be grateful as (s)he can still deliver and showcase his/her products and services.
Legally, they are bound to NOT re-sell the dates, products or services as mentioned in the contract.
Did you ever check this in the past? Now when you resell, (s)he can have two bookings.
1. Postponed (yours)
2. A new booking on the original date

Think about the unoccupied hotel rooms. As an event professional, you can’t access Booking.Com.
Via CXL-Events.Com you now can resell them easily and avoid unexplainable costs and difficult talks with hotels and contractors.

Benefit for Supplier: You have no losses. You still hold the down payments and the contract with its face value and can deliver when sold. (when agreed)
Benefit for Reseller: You might be released from most costs.
Benefit for Buyer: You get a bargain!

I want to sell a contract!

  1. Open an account
  2. Describe what you are selling. Be honest and open!
  3. Add pictures when available
  4. Mention the website of the supplier
  5. Mention your contact details
  6. Explain the availability/period the contract is valid
  7. Pay $ 25 fee for the post that runs for 30 days and automatically finishes.
  8. Negotiate with the potential buyer and supplier

I want to buy a contract

  1. Contact the holder of the post
  2. Negotiate directly with the reseller
  3. Ask for the original contract
  4. Pay
  5. Enjoy!