What is the Idea?
– The website is a platform (posting board) for ANYTHING you want to re-sell related to events, meetings, congresses, conferences and exhibitions. This can be hotel rooms, meeting rooms, F&B contracts, social programs, event gear, services and what so ever.

Can I sell my wedding cake?
– We are sorry to hear about your wedding! We like to re-direct you to
https://www.canceledweddings.com/ (this is NOT us).

Who can place postings / sell the above mentioned?
– Anybody, as long it is related to events (in the broadest sense). Consumer goods are more ‘eBay’.

So, can I sell my holiday?
– No, that’s not our line of business. We really focus on Business Events. But…but..but, we are also nice people and like to direct you to:


Who can buy here?
– Simple, anybody. Corporates, businesses, agencies, consumers if you can afford why not?

Can I negotiate about the asking price? Is it a bidding system/auction site?
– NOT via this website. Please contact the posting person or company about the asking price. You can not place bids here.

How do I get the original contract?
Please contact the posting person or company. We advise all parties to send it after payments are settled.

When was CXL-Events.Com founded?
– March 2019 in Geneva, Switzerland.

Can I get a discount on the placement costs if I place more then 5 or more?
– Sure. We have special prices for hotels or venues.

What are the costs? Why $25?
– The cost of $25 is PER POST. So when selling 200 rooms in one post = $25
However, when posting the 200 rooms per individual post it is 200x $25 = $5,000.
The $25 cover the web hosting costs.