• Welcome to CXL-Events.Com

    This is the first global trading platform for cancelled events or parts of an event.

    What can I Sell or Buy here?

    Acts, Audio Visual, Catering, Entertainment, Complete Events, EventTech, Hotel meeting rooms, Hotel bedrooms, Tents, Transportation, (unsold) Expo Floor Space, Booth’s and Venues. Should you miss something, mail us, and we will add it.

    Example: When an Event Manager books 100 rooms but sold just 80, he has a cost of 20. Hotels, likely,  don’t take the 20 back. That is in the contract! As the event manager is not the property owner (s)he can’t use Booking.Com (or alike).
    Now on this website you can place them and re-sell them.

    Example 2: Think of 300 room nights you booked for a large Conference. But you have 80 cancellations or adjustments. The hotels arround the venue are sold-out. Do you accept the lose or do you want to sell it? Via CXL-Events.com you can.

    Get in touch when you need more information; office@cxl-events.com